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Advance Ethical Hacking

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Virtual Lab Setup

We set up Advance lab for penetretation testing and Ethical Hacking 

50 + Advance Tools

Get to learn 50 + kali linux tools  for Ethical Hacking  with live implemention 

Setup DVWA

Learn on Damn Vulnerable  web application  To attempt Un number of Attack  like SQl Injection ,  Cross side Scripting 

Free Networking Classes

We will be providing basic knowledge of Netowrking and Fundamentals which is required to Ethical Hacking 

60+ Hours of Practical Assignments

Hands-on Experience in a Live Project

24/7 Support

Lifetime LMS Access

Hands-on Experience in a Live Project

 Indepth Advance Modules

The Most Detailed Ethical Hacking  syllabus compare it Youself

Intro to Ethical Hacking
  1. what is Hacking ?
  2. what is Ethical Hacking ?
  3. Concept of Ethical Hacker & Hacker.
  4. Why Ethical Hacking is necessery
  5. Type of hackers White , black , gray .
  6. Ethical hacking , penetration testing and bug hunting.
  7. What is cyber security ?
  8. Certifications in cyber security .
  9. Cyber security as a career options
  10. Difference between ethical hacker and penetration tester.
  11. Introduction of Linux operating system

What is Github?
How to download Github tool?
How to install Github tool
– Seeker
– Shellphish
– saycheese
Github tool dependency troubleshoot

Footprinting & Reconnaissance

Websites and Urls Terminology
Footprinting Methodology
Footprinting through Search Engines
Footprinting through Social Networking Sites
Website Footprinting
Email Footprinting
WHOIS Footprinting
DNS Footprinting
Network Footprinting
Footprinting through Social Engineering
Information Gathering
Active Informaton Gathering
-Nmap scanning
– Recon-ng
+ Directory fuzzing
– Dirb
– Dirbuster
– Wfuzz
– Gobuster
Passive Information Gathering
– Dnsenum
– Dnsrecon
– Traceroute
– Whois lookup
Tools of Information Gathering

Vulnerability Analysis

Introduction of Google Hacking Database (GHDB).
Exploits and payloads in GHDB.
Google dork
– Sql injection google dork
– Advance google search
What is CVE ?
Vulnerability Scanning using Nmap.
Vulnerability Scanning using Nikto .
Setup and scanning with Nessus

Wpscan for wordpress websites
Tools for Android use

Social Engineering

Introduction of Social Engineering
Types of Social Engineering
– Shoulder Surfing
– Dumpster diving
– piggybacking
– phishing
website cloning using HTtrack
Introduction to Phishing
Password Phishing using link
Study of Social Engineering tools in kali linux

15. Denial-of-Service (DoS)
Introduction of DoS & DDoS Attack
Types of DoS – SYN flooding , ping-of-death (POD)
DoS Attack on website
DoS Attack on Router
DoS Attack using Hping3
SYN flooding Attack using Metasploit

Evading IDS,Firewall & Honeypots

What is firewall?
What is a honeypot used for?
What is IDS/IPS ?
Download honeypot on Ubuntu and use
How to use snort
What is evading IDS

Information security Terms
  1. Introduction Information Security
  2. What is security ?
  3. Need of security ?
  4. Security Basics (CIA)
  5. Risk & Threat Analysis
    (Risk = Assets * Threat * Vulnerabilities)
  6. Concept of Viruses & Worms
  7. What is difference between spyware , worm , malware
  8. Intruders & Insiders
  9. Types of Attacks (Active & Passive)
  10. Backdoors & Trapdoors
  11. Types of hacking attacks
    1)Denial of service and distributed denial of service attac   Password attack
    – Phishing and spear phishing attack
    – Man in the middle attack (Bucket-Bridge-Attack)
    – Malware attack
    – Website attack
    – Social engineering attack
    – Zero-day attack
    – Ransomware attack
  12. What are the different types of malware?
    – Worm
    – Viruses
    – Bots & botnets
    – Adware & scams
    – Ransomware
    – Trojan horses
    – Spyware
    – phishing
    How to protect from viruses?
Proxy chains & VPN

Concept of Proxychains.
Types of Proxychains.
Setup proxychains.
What is VPN ?
Setup of VPN .
Mac Addressing concept
Mac Changing .
DNS changing.
Introduction of TOR browser
Introduction of Deep web , Dark Web
proxy tools for pc – proxy switcher , proxy workbench, Tor
Proxy tools for Android – Orbot ,open door

Networking Concepts

Introduction of Network .
Network Connecting Devices – Router , switch,Hub,Gateways,Bridge.
peer-to-pear & client server connection
Network Topology – Bus,Ring,Mesh,Star,Tree,Hybrid
Introduction of IP Addressing and it’s classes .
IPv4 & IPv6 Addressing and it’s limitations
Subnetmask in ipv4
Introduction of Routers & it’s protocol – DHCP
Addressing static IP to computer.
Port forwarding
– Ngrok use for port forwarding
– Openvpn server installation
What is the purpose of the OSI model?

Password Attacks

Introduction to Hash & Hash Algorithems
Online and offline password attack
+ Online password attack
– Hydra
– Mendus
– ncrack
+ Offline password attack
– John the ripper
– Hashcat
– Chntpw

Wordlist Genrator for password cracking.
concept of keyloggers and it’s types

Website Hacking
  1. Type of website
    12.3 Type of website database
    12.4 Type of website attack
    – SQL Injection
    – Cross-site scripting
    – LFI/RFI attack
    – Admin bypass
    – File uploading attack
    – File tampering
    Introduction of SQL Injection
    Types of SQL Injection
    Setup DVWA
    Error base SQL Injection
    SQL Injection using Hackbar
    SQL Injection using SqlMap tool
    SQL Injection on Login Page
    SQL Injection using manual method
    SQL injection tools – sqlmap

Introduction of Cryptography
What is encryption
Type of encryption
– Hash
– Symmetric
– Asymentric
What is Plaintext ?
What is ciphertext ?
Encryption & Decryption .
various hashes – MD5 , RSA , SHA
Stegnography .
Tools for Image Stegnography – stegosuit

Lab Setup - Kali Linux

Introduction to Kali Linux and other operating systems.
Why Hackers use Linux ?
What is the different between windows and linux OS?
Create Bootable Pendrive
Setup kali linux on VMware
Setup Kali linux – Dual Boot
Introduction GUI of kali linux
Introduction of tools of kali linux
Introduction of Parrot Os
Introduction of Red Hat
Introduction of Arch & Black Arch linux
Basic commands of kali linux
Advance commands of kali linux
Networking commands of kali linux
partation in linux operating system
Bash scripting basics
Type of services use and basic installation
– http service use and installation
– ftp service use and installation
– nfs service use and installation
– ssh service use and installation

Shell Connection

Reverse shell and bind shell
Web shell
Cmd shell
Netcat and pwncat
Powershell and socat
Pentestmonkey shell


Enumeration Concepts
Techniques for Enumeration
NMAP Introduction
Services and Ports to Enumerate
DNS Zone Transfer Enumeration Using NSLookup
Introduction of Zenmap
Enumeration using Softperfect Network Scanner tool

Sniffing & Spoofing

Introduction to sniffing
What is password sniffing?
What is active and passive sniffing?
Man in the middle attack
– Arpspoof
– Mitmf
– Ettercap
– Responder
Session hijacking
– What is session hijacking attack?
– Does SSl prevent session hijacking?
– Cookies poisoning / stealing

Wireshark tool for sniffing
Sniffing with aircrack-ng

Introduction to spoofing
E-mail spoofing technique
– Email spoofing php tool
– Email spoofing online tool
concept of Ip spoofing
concept of MAC spoofing
concept of DNS spoofing

Hacking Wireless Networks
  1. What is a wireless attack?
    What does WiFi actually do?
    What is Wifi Deauthentication/Jamming attack
    Type of WiFi attack tool
    – Airodump-ng
    – Aircrack-ng
    – Hash crack using crunch
    – Hash crack using hashcat
    Wifi hacking using Fluxion Github tool
    Router Hacking

    18. Hacking Mobile & Computer Platforms

    Overview of Android os and Computer os
    Introduction to Metasploit Framework
    What is Android hacking and android penetration testing ?
    Android hacking on LAN / WAN
    What is Metasploit?
    Cli and GUI of Metasploit
    Post exploit
    Android payload
    Meterpreter access
    Different tools to make android payload

    System Hacking
    Windows password hacking/recovery
    Linux password hacking/recovery
    System hacking on lan /wan
    System hacking using Metasploit
    Post exploitation
    – Shell to meterpreter
    – Privileged escalation
    – Browser history dump
    – Mimikitz
    How to get VNC / RDP access
    How to persistence

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