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We are Internet swaggers institute of Professional Studies. Providing
Nashik  and North Maharashtra . Started with the motive to  give the market a strategic Digital Marketer Not Digital Marketing Labours  As Marketing Is all About planning and Strategy  we focus on Practical And Strategic Learning.

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Where each and every student is  individually given at Internet Swaggers. Students who are Searching Jobs, Housewives and Business Owners who wish to grow there business we promise to give 100% Practical Learning and Industry Needed Knowledge. As Nashik is referred as Best Growing  IT City in Maharashtra And  the  increase in Number of Job opportunity in Digital Marketing Internet Swaggers is the only institute in Nashik who provides  100% Hands on Practical  Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik. Our Digital Marketing Course in Nashik is Designed  the Way that every individual who Leans  Learn to be the Master in Digital Marketing .  Our Digital Marketing Course  in Nashik is Designed  the Way that every individual who Leans  Learn to be the Master in Digital Marketing


We Focus that every individual is given personal attention, as Nashik is upcoming Business  hub in the IT World or we can Call A a Small Silicon Valley  in North Maharashtra.  We want to provide the Best of the Practical Digital Marketer  to the industry. We are the Only Digital Marketing Course in Nashik Who provide 100 % Job , Free Domain , Management Skill and 32 + Benefits. We are not like Other Digital Marketing Courses institute  in Nashik who has Divided the Modules to Show you the Big numbers we will teach you what we have Experienced  while our Trainers were working  in profit & loss Business Model our Experience will help you understand  what’s the real scenario in the Market How to Tackle the Condition.

Our Mission to Start the Digital Marketing Institute in Nashik To Give Practical Knowledge To fill the Gap Between the Current Education and the Industry Expectation. We are the Only Digital Marketing Courses Institute in Nashik Who Promises to Make your Career in Digital Marketing. No Fake Promise No Fake Reviews No Fake Show off. Our Placement Team is Well Experienced and Understands the Requirement’s and placed the Students according to its Capability. At Internet Swaggers we fall the Formula of LIS, Learn Implements Share. We teach our Students what we have Learn and Implemented for our Clients. We are the award winner as the Best Brand for Digital Marketing Courses Institute in Nashik.


1 Course 24 Modules  300 + Sub Modules

Learn Real Digital Marketing In Courses Nashik with Industry Need Modules We have not  just increased the Number of modules for Selling the Course You can Compare the Modules  with Other Digital Marketing Course institute in Nashik We have not Divided or Broken the  Modules to Show more number of Modules we focused in Depth of Each Topic which will really make you  A Successful Master in Digital Marketing  All the Digital Marketing Concepts 

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  • Intoduction To Marketing

Introduction to Marketing is the  Major Part which should be Clear before Doing Digital Marketing  were we will be Clearing All accept of Marketing  that’s the Reason we have included in our Digital Marketing Course

  •  Website designing – WP

Learn Website Designing  with no Coding  the reason of including the website Designing is to not be Depending on Developer you can Design you own individual website a Blog that to Without Coding we will be Providing Free 2 Domain And Server free for 1 year

  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the Major Module in Digital Marketing we will teach you 5 topic Facebook , Twitter , Instagram  , LinkedIn  Paid ads as well as free Remarketing  and Conversion Optimization like other Digital Marketing     institute in Nashik we have not Divided the Social Media Modules

  • Search Engine Optimization

To Become Expert in SEO you have to Implant Each and every thing in website it necessary to understand what is search engine what are latest updates of algorithm We will teach You practical  SEO website planning  Etc

  • Google ads

Google Ads Previously known as Google AdWords  are the Paid Advertisements by Google , there are 6 types of Ads which includes Display Ads , Search Ads  ,Video Ads Shopping Ads , App installs Ads  We will give You credit for live Ads we will be giving you access to live Campaign  Case study  It also Includes Certifications

  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing is not just simple way only Sending email in bulk understand  concept of email ,to avoided Spam to get 100 % conversion designing attractive Templets and newsletter We will teach on tools like Mail Chimp

  • YouTube Marketing

Video Marketing is Not just about uploading video and understanding the Audience Niche Creating Valuable Content handling Camera  you tuber Setup we are the only digital marketing institute in Nashik who will give you live practical session on YouTube Creator

  • Affiliate Marketing

Lean affiliate marketing how to earn from ads on website video

  • Google Analytics

Understand the All the Analytics of the website we are the only Digital Marketing institute in Nashik we will give you the  Access to Our live Platform

  • Mobile Marketing

Increasing the number of Mobile usage day by day understanding the Aspect of mobile marketing  App marketing  Sms App store Etc

  • Personal Branding

Personal branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group, or organization we focus on making personal portfolio which will help you to showcase Your work and Build Confidence

  • Display ad Server

Using Display  we can manage ads and monitor them on live present on ads we will making our own Server on individual C-panel using Revive Ads Server which is an open source we will be creating html codes and placing on websites

  • Graphics Designing

In Graphics Designing we will be Teaching you how to Create Graphics Logo  Banner Fb Post  we are the only institute in who has included in there Digital Marketing Course in Nashik

  • ORM in Marketing

How To manage online Reputation Google Reviews and Third Party Sites Review

We will be Providing free Tools

  • Local SEO

In Local SEO we you will be learning How to manage MPAs and Local Location you can Start Earing Soon after Learning

  • Linked-in For Sale

In LINKED-IN  Sales we will teach you how to  generate potential  leads  linked  in is not only a Connection platform but A lead Generation

  • Google Tag Manager

Google helps you to manage All the tags at one pale we are the only institute In Nashik who will Teach you

  • Social Media automation

Using the Social media Automation Tools we will teach you  all the paid tools  which will Decrease the Working time

  • Webmaster Tools

Understanding  the  Webmaster tools  like Google webmaster  Bing Webmaster  Etc

  • Influencer Marketing

As the future is of influencer in Digital Marketing we will teach you all aspects of influencer

  • Freelancing Projects

Why to a Employee if you can be a Boss we have trained more then 500

  • Conversation Optimisation

In internet marketing, conversion Optimization, or conversion rate Optimization (CRO) is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers, or more generally,

  • Podcast Marketing

Podcasting is an Alternative to Video. Increased Traffic Generation. Helps in Building Better Relationships with the Audience. Easy to Create we are the only Digital Marketing Institute in Nashik who will teach you

  • Voice Search SEO

 Searching by voice is a hot topic among forward-thinking SEO professionals.

  • What’s app Marketing

WhatsApp is a free mobile app that uses your phone’s internet connection to let you chat   with other WhatsApp users, without SMS text message charges.

Introduction To Marketing
  1. What is Marketing
  2. What is Advertising
  3. What is Marke
  4. Why Marketing
  5. Marketing Mix
  6. What is Sales
  7. What is Brand
  8. What is Brand Image
  9. What is SWOT Analysis
  10. Understanding Cold Calls
  11. Understanding Reference Marketing
  12. Direct & indirect Marketing
  13. What is Pull & Push in Marketing
Social Media marketing
  1. What Is Social Media marketing
  2. Understanding Social Media Platforms
  3. Social Media Content Plan
  4. Use of Hashtags
  5. Understanding Hashtags
  6. Finding Hashtags
  7. Hashtag Finding Tools
  8. Understanding Facebook Marketing
  9. Facebook Organic Marketing
  10. Facebook Groups
  11. Facebook Events
  12. Facebook Business Page
  13. Facebook Content Strategy
  14. Facebook Page for Business
  15. Facebook Apps For Page
  16. Facebook Paid Ads
  17. Facebook Re-marketing
  18. Facebook Custom Audience
  19. Facebook Lookalike Audience
  20. Facebook Conversion Tracking
  21. Facebook Ads Manager
  22. Facebook Billing Setup
  23. Facebook Business Manager
  24. Intro to Twitter
  25. Twitter Organic Marketing
  26. Twitter Profile
  27. Twitter Paid Ads
  28. Twitter Conversion Tracking
  29. Increasing Twitter Followers
  30. Intro to Instagram
  31. Instagram Organic Marketing
  32. Instagram For Business
  33. Instagram Paid Ads
  34. Generating Social Media Marketing Report
Google ads - Adwords
  1. Introduction to Google ADS
  2. Google Ad words
  3. Account and Billing Setting
  4. Types of Campaigns
  5. PPC Campaign Setup
  6. Ad Groups and Keywords Setup
  7. Bidding Strategies
  8. Ad Rank
  9. Quality Score Optimization
  10. AdWords Ad Formats
  11. Ad Extensions
  12. Shopping Campaigns
  13. Dynamic search campaigns
  14. Display Ads Campaigns
  15. Remarketing campaigns
  16. Mobile Apps marketing
  17. Video Marketing
  18. AdWords Tools
  19. MCC Account
  20. AdWords Editor Tool
  21. Conversion Tracking
  22. AdWords Certification Exam
YouTube Marketing
  1. Introduction to YouTube
  2. Creating YouTube Channel
  3. Creating annotations
  4. Creating Cards
  5. Navigation Increase Views
  6. Video Optimization
  7. Brand Account
  8. YouTube Monetization
  9. YouTube Ads
  10. YouTube Certification
Google Analytics
  1. Introduction to Google Analytics
  2. Use Website Analytics
  3. Tools for website analytics
  4. Installing Google Analytics in website
  5. Basic terminology and KPI’s
  6. What is Page Views
  7. What is Source
  8. What is Medium
  9. What is Bounce Rate
  10. What is Segments
  11. What is Sessions
  12. Reporting and Analysis
  13. Goals and Funnels
  14. Understanding Customer Demographic
  15. Segmentation and Filter
Personal Branding
  1. What is a Branding
  2. Why Personal Branding
  3. Benefits for Personal Branding
  4. Personal Branding Hacks
  5. Understanding audience
  6. Connecting with audience
  7. Case Studies
  8. Introduction on internet
  9. Social media for personal branding
  10. Profile Designing
  11. A website for Personal Branding
Graphics Designing
  1. Content Creation
  2. Creating Info graphics
  3. Comic strip Creation
  4. Social Media Post Creation
  5. Leader Board Ads
  6. Blog Banner
  7. Logo Designing
  8. Broachers
  9. Wide Skyscraper Ads Graphics
  10. Digital Resume
  11. Website Slider images
  12. What’s app invitation Card
  13. Video Creating Tools
  14. Intro Video
  15. Animated Videos
  16. Branding Videos
  17. Sales Video
  18. Product Promotion Video
  19. Ads – Video
  20. Graphics Design Sales Technique
Local SEO
  1. What is Local SEO
  2. Importance of Local SEO
  3. Submission to Google My Business
  4. Completing the Profile
  5. Local SEO Ranking Signals
  6. Local SEO Negative Signals
  7. Citations and Local
  8. Submissions
  9. Certfication
Google Tag Manager
  3. Overview
  4. Tags
  5. Variable
  6. Folders
  7. Certification


Webmaster Tools
  1. Intro to Web Master
  2. Google & Bing
  3. Website Submission
  4. Code Implementation
  5. Code Verification
  6. Search Appearance
  7. Structure Data
  8. Search Data
  9. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  10. Search Analytics
  11. Links To site
  12. Internal Links
  13. Manual Action
  14. International Targeting
  15. Mobile Usability
  16. Google index
  17. Blocked Resource
  18. Remove Urls
  19. Site Map Submit
  20. Crawl
  21. Crawl Errors
  22. Fetch As Google
  23. Security Issue
FreeLancing Projects
  1. How to create a freelancer account?
  2. How to build your profile?
  3. How to select projects?
  4. How to set a bid on projects?
  5. How to communicative with a client?
Podcast Marketing
  1. Into to Podcast Marketing
  2. Why Pod Cast Marketing
  3. Content in Podcast Marketing
  4. Understanding Podcast Marketing
Website Designing - WP
  1. Introduction To Internet (www)
  2. IP Address
  3. Understanding SSL Certificate
  4. What is website & Blog
  5. Strategy For Website
  6. Understanding Static & Dynamic Website
  7. What is Website Domain
  8. Searching & Buying Domain
  9. Creating Subdomain & Directory
  10. What is Hosting & Servers  Types
  11. Understanding C-Panel
  12. Hosting WordPress
  13. Introduction To WordPress
  14. Creating Blog
  15. Blogging Setup
  16. Creating Websites
  17. Creating Web Pages
  18. Installing Themes
  19. Creating Menus
  20. Understanding And use of Plugins
  21. Buying Themes
  22. Customizing WordPress
  23. Creating Landing Pages
  24. WordPress Setting
  25. Learning Html Tags
  26. Html Coding in WordPress
  27. WordPress Backup
  28. WordPress To App
  29. WordPress Securities
Search Engine Optimization


  • Initial Site Analysis,
  • Competition Analysis,
  • Keyword Research,
  • Keyword Density,
  • Title/Description/Keyword/
  • Meta Tags Development
  • Site (URL) Structure Analysis,
  • URL renaming/re-writing
  • Content Development Check
  • H1, H2, H3 Tags
  • Anchor Text
  • Existing Web Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Use of robots.txt
  • HTML Validation
  • Creation of XML/HTML/Text Sitemaps
  • Understanding Cannibalization, canonicalization
  • International targeting & multilingual targeting  


  • Understanding links
  • Creating Follow &  no-follow Links
  • Google Mapping/Listing
  • Press release news syndication
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
  • Local and regional search engine indexing
  • Forum Posting & Posting Free Classifieds
  • Yahoo Answer Link Building
  • Article submissions
  • PR submissions
  • Guest Blogging
  • Blog Commenting.
Email Marketing
  1. What is Email Marketing
  2. Email Servers
  3. Benefits of email marketing
  4. Types of Bounce
  5. Understanding Inbox
  6. Understanding Spams
  7. Building email marketing strategy
  8. Building subscriber lists
  9. Marketing Tools
  10. Designing Newsletters
  11. Types of Campaigns
  12. Reports and Analysis
  13. Certification Exam
Affiliate Marketing
    1. Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
    2. Online money earning strategies
    3. How to make money online
    4. Selling using affiliate Marketing
    5. Name of Affiliate Networks
    6. Planning a website for Affiliate Marketing
    7. Implementing Ads in a Website
Mobile Marketing
  1. Mobile Marketing Tools
  2. App marketing and promotion
  3. App store optimization
  4. On page SEO for app store
  5. Creating app engagement
  6. Building website presence
  7. Trends in mobile advertising
  8. Mobile app promotions
  9. Techniques to improve downloads and usage
  10. Understanding the world of missed calls
  11. SMS marketing Campaigns
  12. ASO (App store Optimization)
Display ad Server
  1. Understanding the online advertising ecosystem
  2. Ad networks & publishers
  3. Ad servers
  4. Ad exchange servers
  5. Server basics and installation

We train you on Open x (Revive), Implementing display banner, understanding and implementing banner ad codes.

Online Reputation Management
  1. Understanding ORM
  2. Need for ORM
  3. Steps for effective Online Reputation Management
  4. Impact of negative conversations
  5. Tools for ORM
  6. Understanding sentiments of a brand
  7. Crisis management
  8. ORM case studies
Linked-in For Sale
  1. Make a professional header.
  2. Keep connections informed of your status.
  3. Showcase your skills, credentials, and experience.
  4. Change your profile settings
  5. Organize your connections.
  6. Grow your network.
  7. View network statistics.
  8. Stay in the spotlight with updates.
  9. Monitor who has viewed your profile.
  10. Get informed of important groups.
  11. Add connections and applications.
  12. Create your company page.
  13. Promote products and services.
  14. Use analytics to gather information about followers of your company.
  15. Interact with job seekers via premium service.
  16. Research other companies.
  17. Maximize your company page.
  18. Learn valuable group page options.
  19. Follow important group page discussions.
  20. Discover list of group pages you may like.
  21. Employe LinkedIn’s Resume Builder.
  22. Perform an advanced job search.
  23. Post jobs.
  24. Use job seeker toolkit.
  25. Correspond with connections.
  26. Stay abreast of atleast business news.
  27. Use LinkedIn Answers to discover information and to demonstrate your expertise.
  28. Linked-in Paid ADS
  29. Lead Generation
  30. And much more.
Social Media Automation
  1. What is social media automation?
  2. Why social media automation?
  3. Buffer
  4. Hoot-suite
  5. Social media account setup with tools
  6. Post creation & Promotion
  7.  Performance analysis
Influencer Marketing
  1. Introduction to influencer marketing
  2. What is exactly Influencer Marketing
  3. What makes an Influencer?
  4. Who are the influencer?
  5. How to Measure influencer?
  6. How to find influencer?
CRO- Conversion Rate Optimisation
  1. What is Conversion Rate Optimization
  2. Use of Conversion Rate Optimization
  3. Conversion rate optimisation strategy
  4. Conversion rate optimisation Tools.
Voice Search SEO
  1. Introduction To Voice Search
  2. Voice Search Strategy
  3. Feature Of Voice Search

 35 Reasons Why Choose Internet swaggers 

For Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik   

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Introduction To Agency

  • We will teach you to introduce you your Agency or a company to your Customer may be you Run your Agency start you own business


Daily Assignments

  • A practice makes man perfect in the full syllabus we will be giving 30+ Assignments , on ground Act active


 The Art Of Pitching

  • The live session will be held to teach to how to give Presentation Explaining the plan and Strategy


Strategy & Planning

  • Marketing Stands in the pillar of Strategy and Planning we will teach you to make winning Strategy and planning


Campaign Creation

  • Creating live Campaign Ads for the client understand the needs and equipment With the credit of 1000 rupees

Project Presentation

  • A proper presentation will help you to win your lead


Client Briefing

  • The Client Briefing  the most important bit of information issued by a client to an agency. It’s from the brief that everything else flows. Indeed written briefs are a point of reference that can be agreed at the outset and therefore, to some extent, form a contract between client and agency.


1000 Rs Live Ads

  • we will be providing 1000 rs ad money for placing paid ads where students will placing the live ads which will build the confidence of Placing live ads on platforms


Free Domain

  • The reason of providing the free Domain which will help you to Do live implementation of each topic on you will be Save 1000 RS INR

Server For 1 year

  • We will be providing the free server for 1 year which cost 8000 where you will host 2 websites

100 % Job Placement

  • We promise you to make you career or well-equipped team having 10 years of experience will be in focus that you will be getting the job

Free Tools

  • We will be Providing Free Tools which are free sign up tools and tools and also the Tools Which are been used by us

24 7 Support

  • we promise to help our students any time if they have any problem and question regarding Digital Marketing in between training or if they are working our Trainers are  always ready to support any time or day or time

 Industrial Visits

  • We will take you to site visit that you may understand how actually the works and Atmosphere is in the Company so you may get the glance how you have to work

Project Management

  • How to manage project Planning Management and executing the work closing with team and achieving the Goal

Reporting Evaluation

Is Part where you will be thought how  to understand the report Aylasing the report

Mock Interviews

To make you interview ready  3 Mock Interviews will be taken to make our students interview ready by the industry experts having 23 years of experience

Doubt Clearing Session

Each and Every Students Doubt will be Cleared by or trainers daily and weekly session will be arranged for the students

Students Launching

We will help you to get introduce to the new market  using various technique like website and video

Video Resume

The video resumes will be made by use which  will help you to introduce your as self

Ø  Portfolio Building

At internet swaggers in our Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik where  you will build  your portfolio which will help you to show your work live  while facing clients and interviews


Ø  Live Project

We will be providing 2 Domains free for  1 year which on which you will be implementing your project and live work which make you practically . expert we are the only Digital Marketing institute in Nashik who will Provide you .


Ø  Personal website

A  personal Domain will be provided to the trainee on which they will design there portfolio


Ø  Hr placement team

We at Internet Swaggers have special dedicated  team which will be constantly focusing on students job we  have tie-ups around India


  • Individual Focus

 Our students is our focus  we don’t want any problem or difficulties should be taken out of the class room


  • 100+ Latest Tools

    we will be providing free and paid tools which are already free and some we have purchased and some tools are already available free on internet


  • Live Backup Session

Don’t worry if you miss the session if you forget the topic taught from few days or few months

  • Google Analytics Access

To understanding the live data we will be  providing you live access to the platform


  • Google Web Master Access

Google webmaster is the tools where you will understand all the info related the website we are the only institute In Nashik which will give you live access

  • 100 % Internship

      we will be providing you internship certificate

  • life time learning Support

One’s a Student is our life time member of internet swaggers any time any year if you wish to learn you  are always welcome


 Digital Markeitng Courses in Nashik


Daily Assignments

The Art Of Pitching

Strategy & Planning

Campaign Creation

Project Presentation

Client Briefing

1000 Rs Live Ads

Free Domain

Server For 1 year

Mock Interviews

Free Tools

24 ✗7 Support

Industrial Visits

Reporting Evaluation

100 % Job Placement

Portfolio Building

Doubt Clearing Session

Students Launching

Video Resume

Video Resume

Project Management

life time Support

Hr placement team

Individual Focus

Live Backup Session

Project Management

Personal website

Google Web Master Acess

Google Analytics Access

16 + Certification in Digital Marketing

Are you looking for to Become a Certified Digital Marketing Professional


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Certification in digital marketing


Are you looking for to become a certified digital marketing professional?


You’ve come to the right place our institute Internet Swaggers provide you in depth knowledge and Strong foundation of digital marketing professional. Digital marketing certification have a global recognition which will accomplish you to achieve career opportunities.  Digital Marketing certification will help you to work with highly professional organizations.


Each certification holds their own importance. Digital marketing certification will train you specifically classified skill in digital marketing and accelerate your career in digital marketing.


List of best certification in digital marketing: Google ads :

Google has 5 certification which is having multiple choice questions format.  The certificate directly issued by google. These certification required to clear google certification to verify the knowledge and strategic understanding of each category of advertising.


Search Display Video Mobile Shopping



Google Analytics:


This certification is associated with web analytics to analysing dada of different campaigns and understanding of the behaviour of audience.




Facebook blueprint:


This certification involves advertising of product and services through Facebook. You’ve to clear two exam before to apply for this certification, namely, Facebook certified planning professional and Facebook certified buying professional.


Facebook certified planning professional:


This exam measures the understanding of page manage, page insight,  selecting advertising objectives , targeting audience and implementing strategy .


Facebook certified buying professional:


This exam measures competency in managing, creating and purchasing ads on facebook. It also involves mapping ads format, buying objectives and understanding of Facebook pixel.






Hubspost offers various types of certification for Digital Marketing professional. Hubspost is a inbound marketing and sales software that help companies to attract visitors and convert leads. It provide tools for email,  seo, analytics,  social media, blogging and landing page.


Hubspost provide following certification : Email Marketing

Inbound certification Inbound sales Hubspost design Growth driven design Content marketing





YouTube certification is one of the most popular certification. This certification measure the understanding of YouTube channel creation,  growth, optimization, monetization performance and platform strategies.




Bing :


Bing certification include the fundamentals of search engine marketing from advertising campaign to optimizations and managing budget. To prepare for this exam you can take free courses provided by Bing and become a Bing ads accredited professional.


The lust of above certification play major role for Digital Marketing professional. They can enhance their digital marketing skills. Online courses and syllabus are available for these certification but how much practically you can implement those strategies in real digital marketing it all matters.


So to clear your doubts , learn real digital marketing and get certified as a digital marketing professional.



  ✅  Google Ads Display

  ✅  Google Ads Mobile

  ✅  Google Ads Search 

  ✅  Google Ads Video  

  ✅  Google Shopping 

  ✅   Google Analytics 

  ✅   Youtube 

  ✅   Google My Business 

✅  Email Marketing 

✅  Content Marketing 

✅   Inbound

✅  Social Media 

Your Title Goes Here

Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

facebook blueprint certification

To apper For the Facebook Blue print thereis Special Fees To be paid Directly to Facebook the Cost of the Certfication is   Rs. 10,000

100 % Live pratical

Only Digital Marketing Training institute in Nashik Who will Provide 100 % Live Project Free Domain And Server For 1 Year

Kanchan Vasikar is a Digital Marketer, Blogger & optimist dedicated to helping you to accomplish your goals through digital marketing. 

hello m Yogita Pagare A house wife i and B Pharm from Niphad Nashik  Check My live Project

People Find Me To Be An Upbeat Self Motivated Team Player With Excellent Communication Skills. Masters In Computers, Content Writer, 

I am Snehal Pagare A Be Computer Graduate It Was worth learning from internetswagegrs i would like to Show what live project i did while Learning 

Me Harshal Suryawanshi who sees a great potential in a digital marketing..Day by day world is getting digitized..so I set my goals in a Digital Marketing 

i Always want to Become indepiend on my self thanks to internet swaggers for making my carrier

Vineet Waghmare   (Chief Trainer )

is Alumni of University of Chicago A young Digital Marketer and Serial Entrepreneur He started his Digital Marketing Journey at the age of 17 as a Blogger Started his First Blog as technoven.com which helped him to lay his Foundation As Blogger  While Studying Engineering in Computer’s in SYBE he was Selected As a developer at Wipro Limited india ltd Having Love for internet and Blogging he Turned in to Digital Marketing 

  • Worked on 1000 + Projects, 8+ Years  Experience, 2000+ Students Trained
  • BE Computer Graduate, Amity  University Alumni
  • Worked with  3  Multinational Companies, headed  team of  160 People
  • A Consultant For   10 + start-ups, Hotel industry, Educational, and  FMCG
  • A Google Ad words, Facebook Blueprint, Bing, Hub Spot Certified
  • Member of the Marketing Association of India


Happy customers.

This Course is very helpful for me to increase my knowledge in Digital Marketing . It also provide me better job position in my company.

Ashish Naik

One of the best digital Marketing training institute in Nashik. I would recommend it to all upcoming digital marketers. They covered all modules

Nikita Tamboli

internet Swaggers is a great place to learn digital marketing and kick-start your career as a digital marketer. The curriculum is well structured 

Gaurav Pawar

It is a good learning experience with the theoretical and hands on sessions giving us insights about different aspects of Digital marketing.

Ganesh Mali

This has been an amazing experience and I am very glad that I choose this institute for learning Digital Marketing.

Prashik Chandramore

I came to know about Internet swaggers through social media, I have joined this institute for digital marketing and I’m happy with the training.

sunil yadav

? How May Modules are in to you Digital Marketing Courses in Nashik
  • We prefer to keep our digital marketing course content simple and jargonfree. There could defenitely be something that other digital marketing courses in Nashik would be missing if it takes120 hrs+for us to finish our entire content while others are between 60hrs to 70 hrs.
  • We prefer to call Google Ads rather than breaking it up into . eg. Search ads, Display ads, Remarketing ads, Intent ads, DSA, RLSA, Video Ads, Shopping ads, Conversion Attribution.
  • When it comes to social media learning we do not break Facebook, instagram,linkedin, twitter, youtube, Ads, content startegy are not different digital marketing modules,they are platforms.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media strategy, Content strategy are not modules,thats the learning you have along with the platforms you are trained upon.
  • Thats the reason our content is more than 100 hrs. 
  • Dont be Cajoled when all other digital marketing courses in Nashik try to beguile by highlighiting 30-36-40 modules, think how do they manage to cover such exhaustive course content in about 60-70 hrs, when it takes 120 + hours for us to teach digital marketing. 
? How many Digital Marketing certifications does internetswaggers Offer In It's Digital Marketing Course
  • First Things First No Institute Can Issue Any certificate on behalf of Google, Facebook, etc. “ We give 15 Digital Marketing Certifications” as commonly quoted by digital marketing institutes in Pune is a “BIG BLUFF” . The fact is all these digital marketing certifications are free,

    • You would not even need a digital marketing institute to take these online certifications
    • You can start today and keep trying every day till you succeed.
    • These are digital certificates and no hard copies.
    • The industry knows the value of these online digital marketing certificates are meaningless without you being able to justify knowledge, since these certification exams can be taken by anyone else on your behalf.
    • Post the completition of the course you should be able to certifiy your self for All Google certifications, Facebook, Hubspot etc. 


? Do you Provide any Course Content After Course Completion

We train digital marketing, something which is upgraded every single day of technology changing landscape. We want our digital marketers to get into the groove of self exploring things rather being spoonfed. With an option to attain as many batches, access to trainers for doubt resolution, access to attain live and recorded sessions through our app and web interface, we believe , will surely help stay updated.

? Why INTERNETSWAGGERS Digital Marketing Institute
  • No GlobalGyan Just Learning
  • Quality Of Trainers And learning is Notch higher than any other.
  • Chief Mentor VINEET WAGHMARE is not only a a trainer but an advisor to quite successful business and startups.
  • Internet Swaggers boasts of running one of the most comprehensive and detailed internet marketing course compared to all available digital marketing courses offered by other digital marketing institutes.
  • Besides Internet Swaggers trainers are extremely qualified in terms of pedagogy and rich experience which reflects in every successful students from Internet Swaggers.
  • An Organisation on very strong ethics of never over committing .
? Can I pay My Digital Marketing Course fees in installments

Yes our students have option to pay fees in instalments, although onetime fee payment will have discount. To know the % discount on onetime payment contact Ms. Amrita on +917972645286

? Does internetswaggers provides Laptop
  • Yes, we provide Laptop to students. In case, if you carry your laptop (we always recommend it) you are eligible for discount.
? What is the duration of weekdays and weekend digital marketing program

On weekdays, we have sessions from Tuesday to Friday for 2 hrs daily. On weekends, sessions are on Saturday & Sunday for 3 Hrs daily. Our Advance Digital Marketing Course needs 120+ Hrs to complete (Both weekdays & weekend). Though we encourage our students to spend more time at institute for practice, which is not calculated in 120 Hrs.  

? What skills do i need to posses to learn digital marketing perfectly and shine as a digital marketer

You should have a passion for marketing wherein words like brand, customer retention and behaviour, analysis, sales cycle, ROI etc should not be alien to you. To get the right essence of this digital marketing course you should have a decent command over language,penchant for latest in trends and quick learner.

? Why Don’t you Provide any Master or Diploma Certification in Digital Marketing Course

We Provide one course in one fees according to Gov Rules only  College or Trust or university Can Provide Diploma or Masters

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